I found myself living others people's dreams for my life.

  • Facebook's dream was for me to spend hours every night scrolling mindlessly. I was fulfilling their dream.

  • America's Dream was for me to be a good citizen and work at the same job for 40 years. I was on my way to fulfilling that dream.

  • The Church's dream was for me to go to give money to a building and be like Jesus once a year through a mission trip. I fulfilled their dream

Needless to say, I wasn't happy.

  • Is there more to life and following Jesus? 
  • If so, what does it look like?
  • Wait, What's God's Dream?

So I began digging and this is what I found:

God wants us to...

  1. Live in Thriving Community, 
  2. Be Radically Generous, 
  3. Have Transformative Growth, 
  4. Form Healthy Habits,
  5. BE a Colorful Adventure.

I began fulfilling God's dream...and I started realizing God's dream gave me the best chance to live a beautiful story.

So here I am.

Join me if you seek to live in Colorful Christianity.





Being the vocal leader, Jake has demonstrated his ability to create a united team while still being productive and making wise team decisions. His dream to create a mission field and love others wherever he is at has inspired so many. His motivation and dedication tells me that this dream will indeed become a reality, and I believe it already has for him.
— Rachel Smart: High School teacher
“Jake Vayda is a leader, communicator, innovator, motivator and young man of integrity! Jake has a passion for life and a passion for others. He can hold the attention of the crowd and give a compelling message that challenges and changes lives.”
— -George Gribbon (Senior Pastor in Ohio)
“Within every staff you need one leader who is a leader by nature and not by title. I truly believe Jake’s presence has had a huge impact..and his absence would be greatly felt.”

— Jake Marcoux (Program Director)