3 Ways your Help can be Destructive

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Help can be complicated. Many don’t realize it, but our help can be more destructive than constructive. Out of these three options below, which one sounds like the help you can give when you are unhealthy?

  1. You might help because of the appearance of helping. This is ego-driven and will not last. This might be a win for your reputation, but it is a loss for the person who truly needs help.

  2. You might help, but the other person might say they want to change but their actions prove otherwise. The good news is that the person gets your attention… the bad news is you are waste your time.

  3. You might help, but you are actually not healthy enough to do this without going down with them. This, of course, is terrible for you and the other person.

To be honest, I most relate to the first example when I am not healthy. Which ever one you most relate to, I believe we should only help when one is truly ready to change and you are healthy enough to administer them through that transformation.

Is your help constructive or destructive?

Jake VaydaComment