A Different Year

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How many of us are so petrified to jump 100% in because of the fear of failure?

  • It was my pursuit to lose 20 pounds and I did it…but then put 10 of those pounds back on.

  • It was my pursuit to donate my time once a month to a charity organization, that did not happen.

  • It was my pursuit to have only $5,000 left for my student loans, I still have $10,000.

What do most people do? They would never look back. They would suppress the fact they failed and never review. Sadly, this action makes it a failure because suppression only transforms it into a self-limiting belief. Just about 98% of all people walk around truly believing that they can’t actually accomplish any goal that they set, too much failure PTSD.

What should you do? If you have failed one time or a thousand times, it is your responsibility to choose to have a choice. I pray that you choose to break the glass ceiling on your life, that self-limiting belief that your dreams for 2019 are failures in the making, because they have a possibility of becoming true. What if you actually believed that you have a standing chance? So what should you do? Go all in, risk it all for the things that matter to you. Fail, get back up…fail, get back up; however, don’t just get back up, get back up stronger than before, believing that success is right around the corner.

A Different Year is waiting if you so choose

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