A Life Well Lived

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A life well lived is a life well spent.

When you are old, what kind of life do you want to reflect on? Look at your life from a 30,000 foot view for a second. What kind of stuff do you usually spend your time on?

  1. Does it generally look like a lot of Netflix, youtube, instagram, sleeping, and procrastinating?

  2. Does it generally look like reflecting, working out, colorful conversations, reading, and dreaming?

Maybe it is combination of both. To put it simply, if we want to have a life well lived, we have to spend our time doing things that matter in the long term instead of the short term. We have to be willing to sacrifice the short term satisfaction for the long term gain. Maybe you relate more so with the first list of habits rather than the second; if that is the case, try to swap one night of youtube for a night of working out! Start living your daily life with intention.

What are you spending your time doing?

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