Did I reach my Goals for 2018?

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I set goals that began on January 1st. I was excited to attack these goals. Now, 365 days later, I look back at the success and lessons I learned. I lead a value-driven life; I make goals for each of these values, then I make habits to reach these goals. Down below you will see the goals I made for each of my values (Values are in parenthesis) .

What is the biggest lesson I learned from reviewing my goals?

Social accountability is the number one determining factor of success. I can look back at 2018 and realize that the goals that I brought others along with were much more winsome:

  1. Blogging 365 time in 365 days (Branding): ✓

  2. Reading through the bible in a year (Faith): ✓

  3. Call family member every week (Family: ✓

  4. Get in nature weekly (Adventure): ✓

  5. Have three intentional conversations (Friends): ✓

However, those that were not held accountable to another human being was far less likely to come true:

  1. Read 10 pages a night (Growth): X

  2. Volunteering monthly (Generosity): X

  3. Wake up when alarm goes off (Purpose): X

  4. Have only $5,000 in student loans (Finance): X

  5. Be 160 pounds of largely lean muscle (Health): X

According to my own success rates, I will achieve a goal 100% of the time with people and 0% of the time without! Of course, this will not always happen, but this shows me that I need accountability for ALL of my goals this year. By the way, it is okay to not reach a goal: the point is to shoot for the stars and land on the clouds. So, learn from me:

Set goals for 2019, just make sure you bring others along.

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