How Are You?

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A simple, “How are you?” can go a long way.

I am very easy to get down to business, I tend to not enjoy small talk all that much if there is something that needs to be said. Today I walked into work and I had a lot of work I wanted to finish before the days end. Instead of jumping right into a task-oriented conversation, I first asked my co-worker a simple question: “How are you doing today?”. This simple question led to an hour of spontaneous vulnerable discussion. After all was said and done, we knocked out the work I had previously plan to jump right into! I walked away from that conversation feeling much more rejuvenated than if I did not start the conversation off with that question. Today, before you immediately dive into your conversational agenda, stop and ask the question, “How are you?".

Start every discussion off with, “How are you?” today.

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