Stuck in Limbo

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So what happens now?

After Christmas, the next day seems a tad weird. It’s almost like you are stuck in limbo between Christmas and the New Year. For all Schools and some businesses, they allow their people to be off during this six-day period. Often times, we allow ourselves to completely veg out, I believe this is important to do; however, this is a great period of time to start planning, praying, and preparing for the new year. Ask these three questions:

  • What dreams can be accomplished during this next year?

  • What goals can achieve these dreams?

  • What habits can achieve these goals?

If you answer these three simple questions, you can relieve yourself from the “stuck in limbo” feeling. If possible, do it with your family, it is much more awarding if you allow the people you love the most to speak into your life as you do theirs.

Don’t be stuck in limbo

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