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How are you going to leave this world a better place?

Is it to launch technology forward so that Cancer can be eradicated? Is it to inspire people towards healthiness so that suicide rates are lower? Is it to educate the next generation in finances so that nobody goes hungry?

Very rarely do people know how they are making this world a better place. We simply don’t sit down and identify the vision for our own lives. Since there is no vision, there is no big hill to take, since there is no big hill to take, we fall into mediocrity because there is nothing to inspire us forward. There are three questions we must ask in order to find this gold nugget: How are you going to make this world a better place.

  1. How are you different? (Gifts, personality type)

  2. What breaks your heart? (What problem would you like to solve?)

  3. How can put food on the table while being a part of the solution? (What is the financial engine?)

These three questions are hard to answer. They require some deep reflection, reflection only granted through a retreat.

How does a three day retreat sound?

A beautiful log cabin where you have the ability to put everything to the side. Just lovely people inspiring and challenging each other to not only clarify what you bring to the world but to help you find a way to get there. I would like to do something like this in 2019. Whether it be me creating this retreat, or being a part of someone else’s retreat, I believe this could be extremely helpful. Let’s take a seat, and figure out what this might be. Are you interested?

How are you are going to leave this world a better place?

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