Twisted Freedom Pt. 1

We've got freedom twisted. What if I told that there is a freedom that you haven't tapped into? In this blog series, we are diving into freedom and what it looks likes within your relationships.

  1. The Problem with Freedom
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I believe we've been fighting for a cheap version of freedom for too long.

Sitting in the van just two weeks into summer vacation, we were excited for what was to come. Finishing 4th grade was a big deal and I hoped to celebrate this victory all summer. My older brother Zack was in the van as my parents were discussing what the summer would look like. Sitting in the back seat, Zack and I overheard my parents say the words "chores" and "learning"... we couldn't believe it! After slaving away for eight months my parents had the nerve and the audacity to speak those words into existence! As my blood was boiling with anger, my brother spoke up, stealing the words straight from my own mouth, "WE SHOULD HAVING UNLIMITED FUN!". Within that same moment, I affirmed my wise brother by yelling, "YEAH,WHAT HE SAID!". You wouldn't believe what my parents did in response to our reasonable argument, looking at each other, they started laughing! I don't remember their words as I immediately wrote them off as not understanding, but I do recall my father saying, "Kids, that's not how life works."

I believe many of us, even as adults, believe that we should have 'unlimited fun'; of course we won't say it out loud but we secretly look at the world in this way. We think to ourselves,"I should automatically wake up feeling happy, in healthy relationships, while making the world a better place! I should have the freedom to have these things always". Over the course of the past 15 years of my life, I've realized that maybe my Dad was right, "That's not how life works.". So is it possible to have these things? I would absolutely say a resounding yes, but we will never get there believing a cheap version of freedom, where we automatically are happy, healthy, and impactful. So what does true freedom practically look like? Stay tuned, because that's tomorrow's blog. Until then, reflect on this in your own life?

 Have you believed in a cheap version of freedom?

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