What are you Seeing?

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What you see determines a lot about you.

Our fovea, the high-resolution part of our eye that is used for identifying faces needs 1000s of cells to operate. Due to the energy it takes, the fovea is used for what it deemed most important. Do you know who chooses what the fovea sees? The subconscious you.

This is how three different people’s fovea can view the same football game:

  • If you value community, you will focus on the fact that the players work together to achieve a common goal.

  • If you value competition, you will focus on the score and the strategies used to win.

  • If you value financial success, you will focus on the value each player brings to a team.

Due to the nature of our humanity, all of these people focus on their one value and actually miss almost everything else. Although all people are watching the same game, nobody is watching the same game!

Your eyes are tools. They are there to help you get what you want. The price you pay for that utility, that specific, focused direction, is blindness to everything else.
— 12 Rules for Life

Maybe you value self-sabotage, so any chance you get you compare yourself unfavorably to everyone around you. Maybe you value attention, so you strive to manipulate every conversation to it can be about you. If you want to know what you value, write down what you see. Don’t worry, you can change your values and effectively what you see. Focus on values that you want, like healthy relationships or generosity. If you do this, you will see them rather than your own insecurities.

Today, Write down what you see

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