Would You Rather be Liked or Respected?

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She let her high schooler go to a party, knowing full well there would be underage drinking. Why? She wants to be liked by her child because that is where she gets her validation.

Are you well-liked, but not well-respected?

More often than not, modern parents are simply paralyzed by the fear that they will no longer be liked or even loved by their children if they chastise them for any reason. They want their children’s friendship above all else, and are willing to sacrifice respect to get it.
— 12 Rules for Life

Respect or to be liked: One will always prevail. If we put our value in the humans around us, we will regularly choose being liked. If that is your choice, know that you will forever be a slave to the those around you. Find a deeper validation than that of a human, and make sure that thing will last regardless of circumstance.

I never want to sacrifice respect to be liked in any arena. Whether this be in my job as a boss, or in a relationship with a friend. To know that I am a person who lives my life with standards gives others a sense of security about what is permissible or not. This gives people enough structure to live into their potential.

Are you more liked than respected?

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